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If I rolled into a venue and judged everyone on the clothes they were wearing or the music that they were listening to, I would be setting myself up to have a bad time.

After all, why not try to enjoy myself if I’m already there?

It’s crucial for caregivers to understand this, to learn a holistic theology of work, to know their labor matters to God and to the flourishing of families and societies. It’s very wearying to feel invisible to the world or to the people in your own household.

But if you can latch on to the truth that caring for human life is a very powerful work that actually changes the shape of people’s lives and the way they experience the world, you will have a vision that can hold you even in the midst of dismissive cultural attitudes.

Biblically speaking, work has an intrinsic value of its own when it’s carried out to satisfy genuine need.

The value of someone’s work has nothing to do with whether or not it has a paycheck attached to it.

was born out of my own need to understand all these things. It was also very important to me to write about the imaginative, creative, and artful side of caregiving.

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You point out, however, with great compassion, that the calling of caregiving is one that receives very little outward validation in our day and age, particularly as more and more of the details of our daily lives are outsourced to “professionals.” To the ones called to love in such concrete, often mundane ways, your words are literally wine to the soul, a much-needed voice of affirmation amid a wilderness of hurry and efficiency and convenience.

Andi’s perspective is refreshing and rare, in the way that all good, old, true things are: a voice of affirmation to an often overlooked and sadly neglected part of the Body of Christ, and a loving challenge to a generation that seems characterized by isolation, busyness, and hurry.

She is such an inspiration, a genuine example of a lifestyle of love.

Work continues to be largely understood only in terms of a work/compensation model.

And most of the caregiving that takes place in everyday life is not paid labor. there are a million different versions of what caregiving can look like.

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