Walther ppk serial dating

Any significance to the fact it was made before 1941 and that it has no other mark?Regards and many thanks again, Crow See this table to determine which year your pistol was made: It is important to realize that Walther made PP for a long time, since 1929.What would be a fair price of a pistol of this vintage in 98% condition, in your estimation?I realize there is an element of subjectivity to this but you appear to be very knowledgeable about these pistols (about which i have admitted i know very little).

Pistols are not my strong point, so I need help dating this pistol.

I have one more question though: Being new to Walthers i went ahead and bought a magazine for the .380 Walther i bought but have yet to receive.

When i got it i noticed it has a ridge on the left side, while other magazines i see are smooth on both sides.

Your PP was made in or prior to April 1945 according to Deiter Marschal's Walther Pistols. Your Pistol should have on the left side behind trigger guard the Eagle over 359 military acceptance stamp and on the right side under the ejection point the eagle over N Proof Mark(See page 112). If the guy is to lazy to do his own research and has no idea what he is looking at he will probably come back complaining anyway. According to one book I've read, quite a few "AC" marked PP's were assembled at the end of the war from remaining parts. Crow Hello, i am new to Walther pistols and am buying one with what appears to be a horizontal "N" with something (crown? NAZI government changed the appearance of various marks. If your PP has Crown over N, then it was made before 1941, otherwise it was made after 1941.

Hello Gary, you seem to know about these things, so I'd like to ask you a question if you don't mind. It would not be uncommon for one of them to lack a few acceptance stamps. [QUOTE=lonegunman;1408581]It might be easier just to sell it to a more informed buyer.

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