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Last year Cupid revealed a £7.4 million underlying pre-tax loss and said the losses were continuing unabated.A £2.8 million loss was posted for the six months to end of June alongside a fall in revenues.NSI (Holdings) Ltd, trading as uniformdating.com, ran ads specifically targeted at adults that were 25 years of age and over and also operated a dating website that was for adults only.They relied on channels to advise them if their ads needed a restriction.A TV ad for a dating website, wwwuniformdating.com, featured various animated characters including a fireman, policeman and a nurse. The complainant challenged whether the ad was scheduled appropriately, because it was seen on Film 4 during an afternoon broadcast of the film "Honey, I Blew Up the Kids", when it could be seen by children. Join free now ..." On-screen text stated "18 only".the best course for shareholders is to seek a buyer for the traditional dating assets.”The listed firm will still exist as a shell company called Castle Street Investments, named after the Edinburgh street where the company is based, and will have around £18 million to use.

Ma Longbottom was married to Maderia five years ago in Moston’s first same sex civil partnership but things have taken a turn for the worse in their relationship.

We appreciated that some viewers might find the ad distasteful, but considered it was unlikely to be seen as unsuitable for them.

We checked the audience index figures for the ad break and noted it did not attract a significant proportion of children.

It said: “Through the course of the first half of 2014 it became clear that the pace of change in the industry was increasing; innovation with mobile and intuitive apps is accelerating as they gather momentum and scale.”The board initiated a review of strategic options available to the company to “maximise value for shareholders and arrest the cash burn” after recognising it would not break up when expected.

It added: “All options available to the company were considered, including further cost reductions and the disposal of certain subsidiaries or assets to aid streamlining…

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