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Hermione considers her options and makes her choice, it just wasn't the one they were expecting.

By saving herself Hermione's decisions cause ripples to run through the Order.

During Ron and Hermione's wedding Harry finds himself having to work out why the leading official is calling Hermione 'Mrs. Response to Reptillia28's 'Don't Fear the Reaper' challenge.

Harry has died for the twelfth time and his reaper sends him back for one last chance at completing his assigned destiny.

I am trying to get an agent for an original novel I am selling.

I am a 49 year old happily married lesbian, writer of various stories and am a published author . Besides, I'm having fun and that is what's important after all.

I like all sorts of things from jiang hu films and stories to opera to anthropology to languages but Kim Possible is my dirty little secret. All of the "blame" for me writing fanfic goes to my lovely wife, Wintermoon2, who was a big time Harry/ Draco shipper and dragged me into this using her wiles.

I love watching Chinese films both the martial arts films and others. I collect languages as a hobby, right now I'm at 18. I belong to a number of different fandoms but only write for a few of them. This pic by yogurthfrost reminds me of the ending of Chap 50 of TUIG Here is an excellent pic of all the KIGO kids and Grace is in there. Here is an excellent picture of the all powerful moosehat incident from TUIG Grace in another picture! How will Hermione react when she realises her feelings for Ginny are not as unrequited as she once thought?

I just figured I would mention that for no particular reason. I am very into competitive swimming, having done some earlier in my life. I think Joe Versus the Volcano is one of the greatest movies ever. I have one good joke, but it only works because of the accent. Can love overcome all and can frienship unite them once more?

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