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Because this first encounter takes place in a corridor with little cover, the quickest and safest way through is to target the tanks on the flamethrowers immediately; in the confined space, this is devastating on enemy ranks.With the weaker units down you can focus on fire on the flamethrowers one at a time, back-pedalling along the corridor until they’re down.The next room is just a matter of patiently picking off enemies as you cross to the stairs and reach the roof.Once you get to the carpark the Incursion kicks off properly.Be warned that these set the ground on fire when they blow up, so you must keep them under control.If they get behind you and your team is bunched together, they can easily wipe your whole group.

This gives you time to catch your breath and reposition between knots of foes.The Division Underground DLC introduces a new Incursion called Dragon’s Nest, and it’s not as straightforward as its arguably disappointing precursors.To help you triumph over your foes, Arekkz has provided a video guide, and we’ve summarised his insights below.The carpark is broken into multiple areas, each with a sort of mini-boss enemy among the foes you’ll encounter.In the first area you’ll encounter a mob of Cleaners of all unit types, including an upgraded version of the Technician with a remote controlled incendiary robot.

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