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It is amazing how he seems like a different person in the different shows... I just want to say i love him as an actor i saw him in hana kimi, and also mei's butler Which are voth my favorites he also played in Zettai Kareshi it was very good and of course i cried but he is such good actor and is totally hot...

:) first i did not like him to be Sebastian coz i really like Sebby but when i watch the movie i did not expect that he will really fit to the character.. i already saw him in Hana Kimi but he did not catch my attention but now i adore him ...

I can't go anywhere without getting mistaken that I am you.

By your fan hirooooo ^_^ i likeee u soo muchhxxx!!! it look sincere when u take care of someone u love.. In fact, I do not well speak English but rather the Frenchman, but it is thanks to the translation on the net. BISOUS hi my name is Robbie, I'm 21 and I live in Waikiki honolulu Hawaii and if you have ever been here you would know that this place is more like japan.

He can be the good, the bad, the dream-man, the funny, the geek or the respected man. Really miss u and hope u will be back on screen but whatever it is please..... I will always support u and pray for your happiness regardless where u are. Hope one day you will be back ...we can see your charming face again on screen..... Hiro Mizushima so cool on action, especially in his battle. Looking forward to see how good you are going to portray the perfect butler : Hey Hiro, i am a new fan from Korean TV Drama. Love from Malaysia Thank God I watched him first in Mei chan no Shitsuji prior to Hana Kimi cause the characters are so damn different hahahahaa You can't say he's handsome but he's really charming, and when he stares at the heroine, you instead will melt hahahaa Waaaaaaaahhhhh! x D I wish I can meet them and talk to them (ayame,hiro and the other chara's of black butler) I'm your no.1 fan here in the philippines! And then i imagine how his face look while playing Lovely Complex as Ryo-kun x D the character so totally different, it's make me laugh. we all want to see you act again in more dramas and movies your our hero and you inspire many of us! Still, I saw only last year 2010, it was Hana-Kimi. It is from there that I loved viewed dramas and I do not stop asking my sister if she still has it novelties (finally for us here, it is new). you loke so different in hana kimi and in Mei-chan no shitsuji you and shun playing so good together i want to see more dramas With Both of you. Wish you luck nava i think you are a sugoi actor and it really suites you too! I like looking at the japanese mangas until the day when I knew that there was dramas by the billais of my younger sister (17 years).

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