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We will focus on finding harmony and joy in relationships. Have you been experiencing unintended but repeated pain, confusion, chaos, and regrets in your relationships? I'm happy you enrolled into my brand-new Udemy course!

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*******************************************************************The skills you will develop during this course include: The most important thing is that with the way I structured this course for you, there will be a chance to learn something new, test what you've learned, develop a skill, and practice it, and so you have clarity later, there are checklists to help you remember the most important things as you apply new knowledge in your everyday life.

It's gonna be fun :-)Why is this course important to you?

Having 4 diplomas and an MBA from a great school, being an award-winning author, and owning a business, I knew in my heart there WAS a better way. In this course I will provide many exercises, quizzes, assessments, and all examples used throughout the lectures are real-life situations I faced personally.

It specifically addresses the different role of Venus in a Woman's Chart vs.

Welcome to the Dating Advice for Women - Get Ready for a Great Relationship course!

Sometimes in the name of LOVE, we open ourselves to anything, not knowing it can hurt us…" - Johanna Pinto"Anna.

You have brought attention to a real, confronting issue that will be helpful, im sure, to many people out there who are having their self-esteem subtley eroded by people who like to take the best in you in order to boost themselves & their own insecurities.

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