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Fresh from performing the prestigious halftime slot at the Super Bowl, Coldplay were honoured with the 2016 Godlike Genius Award. He said he wanted to hear us so I brought it as close as possible.

The band was also recently announced as the first of this year's Glastonbury headliners. My sound just wasn't right that's why I went onto Chris Martin's table...

Take down your photo or profile and proactively contact men.

Instead of spending half your day deleting profiles of men you’d never consider, you could be talking to one or two decent guys at once.

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In contrast, having a conversation with someone who constantly glances around or keeps saying “just a sec” as they turn away is offensive.

But in doing research for a book on sex, I've also learned a lot about the mating habits of our species.

Be Credit Card Sexy I think we can agree that the person paying on a date should not be your mother.

Interested in blogging for a future edition of TED Weekends?

I’ve been wanting to write a post on phone etiquette in dating for a while.

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