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In his years since becoming famous, he has had only one other major girlfriend—Shoshanna Lonstein, whom he began dating in 1993, when she was just 17.Among earlier relationships one would find a Long Island woman to whom he was briefly engaged in 1984 (“It was a nutty thing,” he later recalled).Similar to: Audi A3 Speakers oozing: Pink, FM Radio, AM Radio, Taylor Swift, Ryan Seacrest, Rick Dees, or traffic info About to grub @: Fat Burger; pick up groceries at Ralph's or dine at Chipotle Passionate 'bout: working for others, whatever you want me to be passionate about, books, tabloid magazines, board games, gambling, what vacation?, the downfall of others (especially the rich and famous), TV, random reality shows, 711 Stores, Blockbuster (what's Netflix?); locally brewed beer; farmers markets and outdoors; a nature lover!Last Saturday night, secluded in a favorite booth in Balthazar, a fashionable, amber-lit bistro in downtown Manhattan, Jerry Seinfeld split a celebratory bottle of champagne with Jessica Sklar, the young woman who moments earlier had agreed to become his bride.

The guide below provides this understanding (or warning!Then there was comedian and actress Carol Leifer, a writer for who was also the inspiration for the show’s endearingly difficult Elaine Benes, and Los Angeles public relations consultant Stacy Effron.“In a lot of our conversations about marriage and kids,” recalls Effron of their intermittent dates from 1987 to 1992, “he’d say, ‘Ugh, that’s for normal people, and I’m not normal.’ ” Or maybe he’s just abnormally cautious about commitment." Similar to: Ducati Superbike Speakers oozing: What speakers?Los Lobos, Kenny G, AM Radio, Brian Mc Knight, FM Radio, or Kelly Clarkson About to grub @: the park; pick up groceries at Costco or dine at Mc Donald's or Del Taco or Jack In The Box or Burger King or Taco Bell or... Passionate 'bout: family activities, grandkids, the next vacation (road trip style!

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