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If you work out an arrangement in which each of you takes responsibility for the kids during certain days and hours, it serves a three-way purpose.It will gently accustom your children to the new reality that mom and dad are going their separate ways.There are many reasons why divorcing spouses might choose to stay together in the marital home, and it's legal. The scenario of a husband and wife living in separate households as they battle out a divorce happens mostly in movies.There are many reasons why divorcing spouses might choose to stay together in the marital home, and it's legal. After your divorce, you won’t be paying your bills together, so you should segregate your finances as soon as possible, even while you're still living together.You can ask the court to order your husband to do something while your divorce is pending or to make him stop doing something.

If you’re sure you can’t save your marriage, it might be time to move forward.

You can change some accounts, such as utilities, from joint names into the name of the spouse who will be responsible for paying them after the divorce.

The fact that you’re still living together does not mean you don’t yet need a parenting plan.

But before you sign the papers, take a deep breath.

Ask yourself if you’re reacting emotionally or angrily to a situation that occurred within the last few weeks.

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