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As years passed after this event took place, Tom went through bouts of depression, resentment and weight gain. Apparently Lovette had mentioned she wasn't getting along with her home stay family. Lovette was being mature about this, but it was all a bit too close to home,literally! Lovette showed an apologetic face to my wife which I could tell meant she was showing she didn't want to put us out. A couple of times, Lovette caught me looking and shyly smiled. She some how managed to ease my mind and make me feel better about what just happened. Feeling better, I used the downstairs bathroom to try and wash the smell of pussy off my cock. Lying on her side, I saw this beautiful body with a lovely dip in her waist, before curving up generously to her wide hips.

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Being around the corner just in the other room meant my wife had no direct line of vision to me nor could she see what Lovette was doing. One, he never really felt fully in love with his wife and he felt he might be missing out on "the one". I was wondering if you would be able to help me with this. When two months had passed, I ended up picking her up from the air port. She wore tight denim jeans and a t-shirt that exposed her stomach and her beautiful Latin curves. Two, his wife was very conservative in the bedroom. I can tell you are a very kind person and I trust you. Her shorts were so short that her butt cheek creases could be seen as she walked. As we were friends now, I suggested that she might need to tone down the sexy outfits a little. She giggled at the stunned look on my face and dropped her dress back down before pointing her finger at me in a mocked authoritative way that seemed to say "you bit off more than you could chew! She turned to face my wife again while I regained my composure. Letting a bit of time pass, I decided I needed to see that ass again. I took several deep breaths and waited for my bright red face to regain its colour. With a half smile half smirk I repeated my "one more time gesture".

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