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"She didn't really have anything beyond her work and her love for her sister, which for us, rather than it just being explained away by, ' Oh, she's a workaholic,' what was going on in Alex's mind? The idea that part of the reason why she did throw herself into work and part of the reason she did throw herself into keeping her sister safe and protecting her sister's secret was that she had a secret of her own that she was protecting." He continues, "It just made so much sense to us.

It was actually something that we had discussed doing last season and didn't think we were in the right place to be doing it.

After denying it and leaving abruptly, Alex did some soul searching, and by the end of the episode, she came out as gay to Maggie.

In an emotional heart-to-heart, Alex confessed that she had always strived to be perfect in all aspects of her life, but growing up, the one area in which she couldn't be perfect was dating.

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"It's going to be everything that any relationship that you see on TV, no matter what the gender, should and will be." When the producers, gathered for an August panel at the Television Critics Association press tour, they announced that a major character on one of the DC Comics/CW shows would be coming out this season.

It was somebody who was an adult and in some ways had more to overcome on an internal level to get to the point where she could recognize that she has these feelings." Because Alex's coming out was inspired and encouraged by her feelings for Maggie, Kreisberg explains that the stories of Alex's budding romance with Maggie will be "linked" to Alex discovering her sexual identity on her own.

"Alex has put her hopes and dream on Maggie, which may or may not sit well with Maggie," says Kreisberg.

Her older, adoptive sister Alex (Chyler Leigh) has been keeping something under wraps for her entire life, and she finally confessed it in Monday's episode, "Crossfire." After detective Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima) was dumped by her girlfriend, she mistook Alex's invitation to get drinks as asking her out on a date.

Maggie was taken aback, and she told Alex she didn't realize that Alex was gay.

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