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396 Moose Hill Street Sharon, MA 02067Telephone: 781.784.0567 Email: [email protected]: 42.1275Longitude: -71.2104 Get directions on Google Maps. For more information, please check out our MHF Hunting FAQs.Since 1891, The Trustees of Reservations have worked to protect special places in Massachusetts and maintain them to the highest standards.Between Boston and Providence, only Great Blue Hill, at 635 feet, is taller than 466-foot Moose Hill. Kendall took over his uncle's failing cotton batting factory on the banks of the Neponset River in Walpole.The hill's impressive elevation, and the fact that it is located near what once was considered the informal “border” between the Massachusetts and Wampanoag Indian tribes, may have meant it played a strategic role in the cultural and political interplay of indigenous people. During his lifetime, he transformed the factory into the large, multi-national Kendall Company. Kendall’s success enabled him to acquire and protect Moose Hill Farm, which housed a Guernsey dairy herd in the 1940’s, along with thousands of acres of woodlands in Sharon.Its height also guarantees terrific views of the Boston skyline and the Neponset River Valley from the upper hayfield. Moose Hill Farm's diverse landscape reveals how people have impacted the landscape during the past several centuries.Trails lead to summit fields, where grassland birds are again finding a home. Woodlands shelter mature American chestnuts, despite the blight that nearly wiped out this once dominant eastern forest presence.To ensure these standards are met, a program of careful planning and sound management is essential.

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Even as the town’s agriculture was waning in response to Americans moving west, civic fathers seized upon the public's emerging desire for leisure and healthful pursuits by opening a hotel and other tourist attractions on nearby Lake Massapoag. Along the way you’ll have fun, and learn to see (and read) clues about how land has been used here at Moose Hill Farm.We often work with volunteers, property users, and members of the community to carry out this planning, which typically involves several steps: Printed trail maps are distributed free from the bulletin board in the parking area.Please understand that supplies periodically run out.• Although HIV/AIDS is a threat to Americans of all ages, about 19 percent of Americans infected with HIV/AIDS are 50 or older, according to the U. They are also less likely to be tested for the disease. Both men and women may find that it takes longer to become aroused as they grow older, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).This may be caused by health problems like heart disease, by medications being taken to treat health conditions, or simply by stress or concerns about a changing appearance as one ages.

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